A & J Family Locksmith specializes in Combination Changes, Safe Repairs, and Sales.

We maintain an inventory of safes from a many highly-trusted brands. We provide the maximum security possible to give you peace-of-mind when it comes to protecting your important documents and valuables. Need a safe for your home or business? We will perform a thorough assessment of your property and recommend the solution that best fits your needs. Our expert technicians will help you make the best decision possibly when it comes to choosing your new safe.

Here are a few things to consider what type of new safe to purchase:

  • Do you need the contents of the safe protected from potential fire or a burglary?
  • Would you prefer a mechanical lock, or an electronic lock?
  • Where will the safe be located on the property?
  • Will this be a wall safe, floor safe, or some other type of hidden or specialty safe?

Answering these four basic questions will help to get you started on your way to purchasing the right safe for your needs.